Part2:Making a Foundation for the Body


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“Rehabilitation Exercises for Those With Limited Mobility and Their Families”



Part 2: Making a Foundation for the Body









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Main Target






1. People who often fall,

     is about to fall




   ①People with a history of falls


   ②People who can't move stably


   ③People who have difficulty

           of getting the first step

           when walking


   ④People who walk with sliding

           steps or little shuffling steps


   ⑤People who are easy

           to stumble


   ⑥People who have difficulty

           with changing direction or

           stepping over







2. People whose pelvis is not

       horizontal when sitting



    ①People whose left and right

    hip muscles are not even


   ②People with whole sitting

    position distorted as a result







3. People with poor muscle

  cushions in the buttocks



    ①People who had a femur fracture 

           falling on their buttocks


    ②People who have a hard time

           in the buttocks when sitting

           (ex.waiting time at the hospital) 


    ③People who are easy to get

           bed sores around the buttocks

















Big muscles take big work.


The muscles around the buttocks not only improve movement,

but are extremely important for preventing falls,

acting as a cushion to prevent major injury due to falls on the behind,

as well as preventing bed sores around the buttocks.

If these essential muscles become thin, it can lead to major problems.


 In Part 2,

we will look at safe and easy ways to help the muscles around the buttocks which serve such an important role.











Main Contents






The muscles around the

  buttocks are the foundation




 ●Providing support for movement


 ●Providing stability for walking,

       using stairs, and transferring


 ● A savior when you fall

       on your behind


 ● A security guard when no one is

        there to watch


 ● Preventing bed sores

       around the buttocks








If theback side of 

  the buttocks is weak




 ●If the outside of the buttocks

       is weak


 ●How to tell which is the weak side








Making the muscles around

  the buttocks stronger




 ●Making it easier to see results


 ●How to do it yourself




















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