Part3:Making a Pillar for the Body and Fixing Leaning Postures


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“Rehabilitation Exercises for Those With Limited Mobility and Their Families”



Part 3: Making a Pillar for the Body

          and Fixing Leaning Postures









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Main target





1. People with upper body

     tilted sideways




    ①People who sit with upper body,

           tilted sideways


    ②People who move with upper body

           tilted sideways







2. People with unstable trunk



    ①People whose upper body lean

           backward or forward


    ②People who can't reture from

           the state of ①







3. People who can't sit




    ①People who can't tolerate the

           waiting time at the hospital


    ②People who can't keep their

           posture during meal time 

















If the muscles on one side of the waist are weak, the upper body will tend to lean to one side and it becomes difficult to sit, so the patient become unstable if they move.


Returning the upper body to the center and making movement easier and more comfortable will increase the amount of things you can do in life.













Main Contents






The pillar: the next part

  of our foundation




 ●How to feel the waist


 ●Let's try feeling the waist


 ● When both sides of the waist

       are weak







How to exercise

  when it is possible to do

  grabbing movements




 ●Effective methods where your

       partner won't have to do a thing


    ●When trying it from the front


    ●when your partner is lying down


    ●The waist works together with

      the bottocks




















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