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・Stabilizing the Core of the body ↓

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・Using the “Motor learning abilities” of the muscles ! ↓

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・How to increase pressure on the abs ↓

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・Weakness of the muscles around the buttocks leads to fall ↓

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・Muscles around your buttocks will serve as a cushion ↓

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・Preventing bedsores around the buttocks ↓

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・A security guard when no one is there to watch ↓

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・Automatic knee bending ↓

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・Falling is not basically coincident ! ↓

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・Providing stability for walking, using stairs, and transferring ! ↓

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・Improving the leaning posture ↓

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・The waist works together with the buttoks ↓

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・You can't build the body without a Foundation & Pillars ↓


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We're seeing more and more cases of people who find it hard to move due to advanced age and illness as well as families having to provide nursing care.



To prevent these families from falling apart, our friend Renato will introduce simple rehab exercises anyone can do and demonstrate them with his family.


These exercises are comfortable and enjoyable, and will help you move more easily, making it possible for you to keep practicing them. This is the 1st~3rd edition in a picture book-style series on these magical rehab exercises. 















There are two key points for improving movement:

     If you're not able to move, add something to assist you until you can

     Remove anything preventing movement




In addition, these methods are safe and easy to do, so family members who aren't rehab professionals can do them, too (so can caretakers and nurses).  

Furthermore, we're rehabbing factors that are common to everyone, regardless of age, gender, body type, or type of illness (of course, there are some exceptions).






Part1:   Stabilizing  the Core of the Body(Example→ Amazon UK


Can you move without using the strength of your abdominal muscles? 


If the abs at the core of the body don’t constrict, the earthling body loses stability, making it harder to move.





Part2:   Making a Foundation for the BodyExample→ Amazon USA

英2.PNG Big muscles take big work.

The muscles around the buttocks not only improve movement, but are extremely important for preventing falls, acting as a cushion to prevent major injury due to falls on the behind, as well as preventing bed sores around the buttocks.

If these essential muscles become thin, it can lead to major problems.

 In Part 2, we will look at safe and easy ways to help the muscles around the buttocks which serve such an important role.





Part3:   Making a Pillar for the Body and Fixing Leaning PosturesExample→ Amazon AUSTRALIA


If the muscles on one side of the waist are weak, the upper body will tend to lean to one side and it becomes difficult to sit, so the patient become unstable if they move.

Returning the upper body to the center and making movement easier and more comfortable will increase the amount of things you can do in life.






Part4: Currently writing